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Web Design

In today’s world, having a presence online is not only a luxury, it’s a requirement. We live in a world where people look you up online before heading to your door, sadness or evolution, your call but it’s a reality.
Being online is important but having a website that looks like you is even more. I wish to help you build a portal which welcomes your clients, which tells your stories and share your mindset.
Based on the word-famous CMS (Content management system) WORDPRESS, I can help you create the window you want to show the world.
Creating a project from scratch, updating an existing one or maintaining your own creation are things I can do for you.
In most websites, having new content regularly is important. Don’t worry if you don’t have any computer skills, I’ll make it easy for you, supporting my explanations with own-made video tutorials specific to you.

Good pictures are a very important prerequisite for any good website, if necessary and possible, as a photographer, I can come to you and take the few good shots that will make your page beautiful.
Please contact me for references and enquiries.