Architecture Imagery

Architecture is a passion-job. After finishing a Master in Architecture and working several years in the industry in Brussels, Belgium the world called me out.

Being on the road is hardly compatible with construction itself. However one of the skills I developed during those years is : Architecture Model and Imagery.

In today’s world, showing your client, the administration, investors or even neighbours a comprehensive image of the project that will be erected has became a must.
In this process, architects either do it themselves or call upon someone like me : someone who has the skills to understand exactly the needs of the project and is able to create a accurate 3D model of it. From which images are extracted to show the viewpoints you need to convince or demonstrate how relevant your idea is.
I usually divide my work into three stages : the “3D model”, the “rendering” and the “post”production”. All stages are not required depending of what you need to show.
Check out those three stages below and please contact me for references and enquiries.

Stages of Architecture Imagery

The first step of the imagery is to create a accurate 3D model of the project. From this model we can already extract images from different points of view. This model can get basic textures and we can export views as well as sections and plans.

It is often sufficient for administrations, to show a basic project or for a project which is probably going to evolve a lot more.


The second step of the imagery consist of rendering the scenes to have more realistic materials, lightning and reflections.

It gives the viewer a good sense of space and a more realistic view of what the project will look like.


Finally, the last part which I call “post-production” consists in adding life to the images, here I will add people, plants, animal, objects, and everthing that will animate the scene to make you feel like it’s alive.

This is great to show people what the space will be used for, tho show proportions and to give a realistic idea of the building.

We will work together to achieve the best images possible, you have your word to say at any stage and communication is essential to have an image that shows exactly what you want to tell. Every project is a new adventure and I’m already looking forward to the next one.